Wearable Technology; Getting Lost in the Numbers

Wearable Technology; Getting Lost in the Numbers

Smart wearable fitness technology sales are expected to double with projected sales of $27 billion by 2022.  

Wearable fitness technology is here to stay.  The question is, does it work? I guess it all depends on your definition of “work”.  

If your smart-watch-fitness-tracker-gadget helps you to remain accountable to your well-planned fitness goals then it works great!  If, however you purchased your leading-edge technology hoping it would make your quest for health and fitness easier, you may be disappointed.  

Wearable fitness technology is no different than a piece of home exercise equipment or gym membership. They are only effective as part of an overall plan to achieve and maintain your health and fitness.   Too many treadmills become expensive coat racks collecting dust in the basement and too many gym memberships go unused for us to think that wearables are any different.  

Granted, by wearing it daily you are reminded of what’s expected of you from an exercise standpoint  and guilt, at least for some people, can be a motivator. For those people who make the purchase without an accompanying plan and strategy in place to actually do something with the information, the investment is likely to disappoint.

Before you plunk down your hard earned dough on a piece of wearable fitness technology, take a few minutes this weekend to write out a plan for the next 6 weeks.  Put old fashioned pencil to paper and map out your 6 week-fitness goal and how you plan to achieve it. Be sure it’s realistic and also be sure you write out exactly how and when you plan to work on achieving that goal.  Will you walk daily and go to yoga class at night twice per week? Will you use that gym membership you have and schedule yourself to get there 3 times per week for spin and weight training classes? Will you finally call Joe Ingemi at MOVE in Melrose for some help with designing the perfect plan just for you?  Whatever your goal and plan, if you can stay with it for the next 6 weeks, reward yourself with your wearable. It’s value will be significantly greater if you’ve already begun implementing a plan of action.